Delicious, tasty, freshly cooked meals delivered for free to your door. Cooking from Tuesday to Friday every week, a choice of simple meals for each day.

We deliver to these areas in The Hague, Duinoord, Regentessekwartier, Archipelbuurt, Statenkwartier, Zeeheldenkwartier, Scheveningen, Bomen-en Bloemenbuurt, Vogelwijk.

Our company Tarts, Catering, & Cakes has worked extensively for the cultural sector in the last few years. Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus on Thursday, March the 12th, 2020, all our future projects were cancelled or rescheduled indefinitely with the closure of all theatres in the Netherlands.

Our response was to set up - NoTime2Cook -, cooking and delivering delicious fresh meals to people in the local area.

Useful Information

We cook from Tuesday to Friday. We offer a few simple per day. You can order in advance for any days of the week. But please order before 10 am at the latest on the morning of the day your ordering for after 10 am we stop taking orders, to give us enough time to prepare and cook the food. The sweet stuff and the side dishes are to be ordered with the main meal, and can't be ordered separately.

We’ll deliver in the afternoon between 3.30 pm and 6.30 pm, place the bag of food in front of your door, keeping a safe distance at all times. You can easily reheat the meals yourself, whenever you're ready to eat.

Areas in The Hague we deliver to: Duinoord, Regentessekwartier, Archipelbuurt, Statenkwartier, Zeeheldenkwartier, Scheveningen, Bomen-en Bloemenbuurt, Vogelwijk, but please contact us if you're just outside one of those areas. You can also pick up your meal yourself if you are living outside of those areas.

We cook fresh food daily, using the best fresh ingredients. You can easily keep our meals for 2 or 3 days in the fridge, or freeze them in too.

Child-friendly cooking. Most of our cooking is child friendly, once in a while it might be a little spicy, but this will always be mentioned in the dishes description. We now also have a special kids menu, that can be ordered with any day dishes.

If you generally have any issues using the site or with payments, please don't hesitate to contact us at, or call us on +31641849377.

About Us

Pien Besseling and Rupert Moscrop

- Tarts, Catering & Cakes -

At Tarts, Catering, & Cakes, we have a passion for good food, inspiration taken from all sorts of cuisines, experienced through travelling to and living in different countries, open to any cultural influence.


This is where we work, if you need to pick up your order we'll see you there.


Weimarstraat 87, 2562GS, Den Haag, The Netherlands